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Retainer Cleaning Services

Do you have an appliance that is collecting germs and odors?

Bring your partial, denture, retainer or bite guard to us and we can check and sanitize it for you.


Help Support Future Leaders

Our office is a strong supporter of TeenPact Leadership Schools. We are happy to play a part in the lives of the young men and women from Laurel who will be attending Teenpact’s National Convention in May of this year. While at National Convention the students will experience engaging speakers, passionate worship, dynamic small groups, hands-on activities, leadership opportunities, like-minded friends and life-changing memories. Please join us in supporting these young leaders! Call our office at (601)649-2010 for donation information. 

International Ballet Competition Student Sponsorship

For the next two weeks these beautiful young dancers from the Laurel Ballet Academy will be studying with some of the world’s leading teachers and watching top dancers from around the globe perform. Our office is very grateful that we were able to play a part in sponsoring these hard working young women. 


Special Visitors

We were recently visited by a very special couple. Mr. Gatlin served under General George S. Patton in World War II and his wife was the Sunday school teacher of our receptionist, Mrs. Diane.


Homecoming Smile

Our office is a proud to be a provider of Zoom! whitening. Zoom! is the #1 patient requested professional whitening treatment. Hunter Eady, the West Jones High School Homecoming Queen, used Zoom! whitening to help her achieve a healthier, brighter smile!

Call (601)649-2010 for a brighter smile today!

Snore Guard Testimonial

“I had the most wonderful experience listening to my patient, Diane; tell me about her Silent Night Snore Guard and how it has changed her life. She said she sleeps better now and has more energy when she wakes up. She also doesn’t choke anymore during the night, her teeth aren’t wearing her down, and she noticed that her blood pressure had stabilized as well. She said she couldn’t live without it plus her husband is getting more sleep without her snoring. Wow. I am so happy that we could help not just with her oral health, but her overall health as well.”
- Kim Ewing R.D.H.